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2010 Fedcon 19 - Report

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FedCon 19 - 2010 - Bonn

Welcome to my report on the FedCon 19, which took place in Bonn, Germany for the last time. This year, my report will be a little different as I was heavily involved with organizing the Star Trek New Voyages /Phase II showings and did not have time to take many pictures.
As last year, I took part in the FedCon Press Conference and recorded it on video, yet with two cameras this time. The full recording is now available online. James Cawley, Stephan Mittelstraß and I were also responsible for showing the Star Trek Phase II (aka New Voyages) episodes "Enemy Starfleet" and "The Child" at the FedCon. You will find our full report on that, too.

Please note that in 2010, we were still using standard definition video cameras, so the videos look poor in comparison to today's HD cameras.

Guest Stars at the Press Conference
From left to right

Ed Wasser (Master of Ceremonies, Babylon 5), Richard Arnold (Star Trek Adviser), Gordon Michael Woolvett (Andromeda)
Martha Hackett (VOY), Michael Dorn (TNG, DS9), Terry Farrell (DS9), James Marsters (Buffy), Aaron Douglas Galen (BSG)
Tahmoh Penikett (BSG, Dollhouse), Kandyse McClure (BSG), Luciana Carro (BSG), Cliff Simon (SG-1),
Manu Intiraymi (VOY), Suzie Plakson (TNG)

This video of the FedCon 2010 Press Conference was made by Peter Walker and released
here with full permission of the FedCon GmbH. Mirroring on other sites prohibited.

FedCon 18 - Phase II Film

We are pleased to have been able to arrange the showing of the two part Star Trek Phase II episodes at FedCon.

It was a lot of work preparing and checking the German subtitles, preparing the videos for display on the big screen and creating special trailers. I would like to thank James Cawley and his team for providing the video material, Stephan Mittelstraß for his hard work creating the subtitles and those two great posters, Dirk Bartholomä of FedCon GmbH for allowing us to show the films, and Peter Walker for his hard work editing, converting and preparing the video material for showing at FedCon

We hope those who saw Phase II at FedCon enjoyed the show.

Stephan and Peter put up two large posters and lots of A4 size mini posters in prominent places around the convention giving the times of the two showings. It would have been hard to miss them. Stephan had prepared special Phase II T-Shirts which were worn throughout the convention. On the final day, someone must have liked one of the posters (shown above) so much that they stole it from the wall before we arrived to take it down.


In the main theatre, there is always an opening ceremony where the guest stars have a chance to say a few words to the fans and say hello. The plan is that each has about 90 seconds and this worked well until Nichelle Nichols (Uhura) decided to talk for 30 minutes about how Martin Luther King was her greatest fan and how he had convinced her not to quit Star Trek after the first year. A moving story, yet it mixed up the schedule for the rest of the evening. One of the things that was dropped was the showing of our trailer informing people of the showing of Blood and Fire. It was planned to show Blood and Fire at 8:30pm, but the opening ceremony was not over so all was delayed. We finally were able to start the film to about 30 fans at just after 9pm. It would have been more if our trailer had been shown and the competition would have been less fierce. How can a fan-film compete against live panels with Edward James Olmos (BSG: Adama). Nichelle Nichols (TOS: Uhura) and John Billingsley (ENT: Dr. Phlox)!!!
It was also planned to show Star Trek Of Gods and Men after Blood and Fire, but that was dropped.

Our second showing (Part 2 only) was at 09:30am on Saturday and that started on time to a handful of people at first which grew to about 500 people by the end. Due to time constraints, we had to cut the episode short after Denise had her final scene. We were interviewed twice for SF-Radio and we distributed a lot of press releases at the press conference.

On May 1, at 1pm CET (GMT+2), those wearing Star Trek costumes were asked to gather outside for an attempt to beat the existing record of 99 people set in London on the Millennium bridge in February. The Vulcan Convention in Tampa, Florida also made an attempt at beating this record on the same day. The people in Tampa managed to break the existing record with 110 Star Trek costumed Trekkies.

At FedCon, the final count was 507 Star Trek costumed fans thereby securing a new world record that will be hard to beat. FedCon is Europe's largest Star Trek related convention, held yearly in Germany.

Star Trek Phase II Germany was there and two of those 507 were from us. James Cawley was there too.

This film clip was made by Peter Walker. It starts in front of the hotel where the trekkies gathered. We were then asked to go through the hotel to the back surrounding the fountain. We were counted as we went through the door by 3 certified officials. Richard Arnold was given the task of ensuring only Star Trek related costumes were counted.


I took a number of pictures this year and in order to maximise image quality, most of the camera settings were set manually (including focus). In a few images, the picture is slightly out of focus, please excuse.

Please remember that although I am providing the images here free for online viewing, please do not use them on other web sites, etc. without my previous permission and a suitable reference (Copyright: Peter Walker, www.trekcon.de).

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