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2012 Science-Fiction-Tage


I attended the Science-Fiction-Tage (Science-Fiction-Days) in Gr├╝nstadt in order to represent Star Trek Phase II and show some of our films there.

This event attracts about a thousand visitors and is located in an area near the American forces bases in southern Germany. There were a number of Americans amongst the visitors there who, along with the Germans, were very appreciative of Phase II.

As I was invited to a wedding reception party on the Saturday, I could not go on that day, but did arrange for Dr. Hubert Zitt (who is famous in Germany for his fascinating scientific talks on Star Trek episodes) to play Enemy Starfleet on our behalf, which he did.

On the Sunday, I was there in person and actually had 3 time slots to show Phase II episodes (10:00, 14:00 and 16:00). Unfortunately, there were a lot of technical problems in playing the episodes but we got it done in the end. Although the videos were initially shown in the video room (with about 40 seats), the organizers decided to transfer the final showing to the main room on the screen at the back of the stage.

The final showing, planned for 16:00, was actually much later due to the previous program running late and technical problems.

Altogether, the day was a big success (except for the tech problems) and it was certainly a day where a lot of people learned about Phase II for the first time. I distributed hundreds of flyers about Phase II that I had originally had printed for FedCon (which is why they were in English instead of German).

As I was so busy with showing the Star Trek Phase II films, I did not take any photographs at the show, I did however make three videos in HD that I am presenting here.

USS Trinity

A German Star Trek fan show club called USS Trinity regually perform Star Trek themed comedy stage shows. I have filmed a previous sketch in 2008 which can be seen on here.

This year, I filmed their sketch with two cameras which you can see here (no English subtitles yet):

Costume Competition

I filmed the costume competition which I show here:

Star Wars Show

I filmed the Star Wars show. See the German language story with fight scenes, etc.

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