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2013 Fedcon 22


FedCon 22 - 2013 - Düsseldorf

Welcome to my report on the FedCon 22, which took place in Düsseldorf, Germany.

This year, we had three special Star Trek Phase II panels where we were able to show a number of short films. As in past years, we also filmed the Press Conference in full length.

We are still putting together this website and will be adding more pictures and videos soon. We have some great material to show so please come back again, shortly.

Guest Stars at the Press Conference
From left to right

Matt Frewer
Jasika Nicole
Patrick Muldoon
Dina Meyer
Casper van Dien
Ben Browder
Eve Myles
Robert Beltram
Ethan Phillips
Linda Park
Anthony Montgomery
Gigi Edgley
Robert O'Reilly
J.G. Hertzler
Patti Yasutake
Tracee Cocco
Mark A. Shepherd
Richard Arnold
Garrett Wang

English subtitles are shown when German is spoken.

00:00 Titles
00:27 Fisherman's Ladies - German with English subtitles
01:15 Start of Press Conference - German with English subtitles
01:55 Sponsors - German with English subtitles
03:00 Gerd (Paramount) - German with English subtitles
05:08 Cancellations info - German with English subtitles
06:06 Starship Troupers - German with English subtitles
07:20 Into Darkness - German with English subtitles
07:42 Arrival of the stars - English
10:40 Press Conference - English
52:30 Photo session - English
55:48 Interview Eve Myles - English
56:18 Troupers Photo session - English

Download the Press Conference Video:
FedCon.2013.press.conference.sdtv.divx.zip (370MB)
FedCon.2013.press.conference.hdtv.720p.zip  (1315MB)

Star Trek Phase II at FedCon

This year, Star Trek Phase II originally planned to have James Cawley and Brian Gross as guest stars. They were both planned to come to FedCon, but work got in the way and they had to cancel at short notice. Tobias Richter, Stefan Mittelstrass and myself (Peter Walker) put together an alternative Phase II program for FedCon at short notice.

James Cawley is now America's number 1 Elvis Presley impersonator and has so many bookings that it is difficult for him to get away. Unfortunately, he was booked to give an important concert during the FedCon period and considering how much money he needs to earn to pay for the shoot in June, he could not afford to cancel that concert.

All the same, it was possible for us to put together alternative panels where Tobias gave a panel on the special effects he created for Phase II and I gave two, 2-hour panels showing behind the scenes videos and our short films including our latest short film "Going Boldly" featuring Brian Gross. We were also able to show some important scenes from the new episodes.


I took only a few pictures this year as I was so busy with preparing the Phase Ii panels that I held. The pictures I did take will become available on this website, shortly.

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