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2012 Fedcon 21


FedCon 21 - 2012 - Düsseldorf

Welcome to my report on the FedCon 21, which took place in Düsseldorf, Germany. As there was no FedCon 13, this was actually the 20th FedCon.

This year, we had two new HD Camcorders which we used for the press conference and the other two videos of the fans on this page.

Guest Stars at the Press Conference
From left to right

Greg Broadmore
Dr. Grordbort
Garrett Wang
Master of
J. Goldstein
Prv Vasquez
Carrie Henn
R. Jorden
Ricco Ross
Prv. Frost
K. Szarabajka
M. Kostmayer
The Equalizer
Caspar v. Dien
Johnny Rico
SS Troopers
R. D. Anderson
Jack O'Neill
Kavan Smith
Evan Lorne
Erick Avari
Eddie Paskey
Lt. Leslie
J.G. Hertzler
Robert O'Reilly
Virginia Hey
P.Z. Zhaan
Kai Owen
Rhys Williams
Richard Arnold
Star Trek

FedCon XXI - 2012 Press Conference (full length)

For English subtitles when German is spoken, click on the CC button.

00:00 Introduction by Brigitte Scherr (German with English subtitles)
01:44 Star Trek Catan Game (German with English subtitles)
06:05 Infos about which stars will be attending (German with English subtitles)
07:35 Greeting the stars as they come in.
12:15 Start of press conference (Q&A session)
50:10 Group photograph
52:58 General chatter
53:50 Troupers group photograph with Caspar van Dien
56:20 End titles

FedCon Impressions

This video takes a look at how the fans enjoyed the show with a special section showing the gathering of Dr. Who fans. If you were at FedCon, you might find yourself on this video - enjoy.

Click on CC to get English translations from German.

Filmed on a JVC GZ-HM550 HD Camcorder mounted on a FlyCam Nano Steadicam.

FedCon Party Night

See how the fans danced the night away at the FedCon. The guy in the blue shirt is Stephan Mittelstraß who works with me on the Star Trek Phase II project. This was filmed with a steadicam on the Thursday evening (17th May 2012). If you were at that party, you might see yourself on the video.

Filmed on a JVC GZ-HM550 HD Camcorder mounted on a FlyCam Nano Steadicam.

Star Trek Phase II at FedCon

This year, Star Trek Phase II played only a minor role at FedCon. We offered them 2 short films and the now finished episode of "The Child", but the program was full and we were originally told it would only be possible to fit in the short films: No Win Scenario and 1701 Pennsylvania Av.

After the press conference, when it was apparent that several stars could not make it, we were asked if we could supply a full episode as a possible fill-in. We supplied them with "The Child" in addidion to the short films and looked forward to seeing them shown.

In the end, only "No Win Scenario" was shown to a full house, which did get a good applause from the audience. It was a pity there was no time to show the other short film as that is really funny.

The two short films can be seen below. To learn more about them, click on the posters instead. You can see all the episodes on the website: www.startreknewvoyages.de


I took a large number of pictures from some of the numerous panels this year.

The file names indicate the exact date and time the picture was taken
(e.g. 220120518_185616.jpg means the picture was taken at 18:56:16 on 18th May 2012).

Please remember that although I am providing the images here free for online viewing, please do not use them on other web sites, etc. without my previous permission and a suitable reference (Copyright: Peter Walker, www.trekcon.de).

To see the pictures, click on the respective image on the left:

Opening Ceremony

The FedCon Opening Ceremony is held on the first evening of the convention (Thursday 17th May 2012) and is where the stars have a chance to introduce themselves.

Click on the image on the left to see my pictures of the Opening.

Bill Shatner
James T. Kirk
Star Trek: TOS

William Alan Shatner (born March 22, 1931) is a Canadian actor, musician, recording artist, author and film director. He gained worldwide fame and became a cultural icon for his portrayal of James T. Kirk, captain of the USS Enterprise, in the science fiction television series Star Trek from 1966 to 1969, Star Trek: The Animated Series from 1973 to 1974, and in seven of the subsequent Star Trek feature films from 1979 to 1994. He has written a series of books chronicling his experiences playing Captain Kirk and being a part of Star Trek, and has co-written several novels set in the Star Trek universe. He has also authored a series of science fiction novels called TekWar that were adapted for television.

Shatner also played the eponymous veteran police sergeant in T. J. Hooker from 1982 to 1986. Afterwards, he hosted the reality-based television series, Rescue 911 from 1989 to 1996, which won a People's Choice Award for Favorite New TV Dramatic Series. He has since worked as a musician, author, producer, director and celebrity pitchman. From 2004 to 2008 he starred as attorney Denny Crane in the television dramas The Practice and its spin-off Boston Legal for which he won two Emmy Awards and a Golden Globe Award.

Star Trek
Shatner was first cast as Captain James T. Kirk for the second pilot of Star Trek, titled "Where No Man Has Gone Before". He was then contracted to play Kirk for the Star Trek series and held the role from 1966 to 1969. In 1973, he returned to the role of Captain Kirk, albeit only in voice, in the animated Star Trek series.

In his role as Kirk, Shatner famously kissed African American actress Nichelle Nichols (Lt. Uhura) in the November 22, 1968, Star Trek episode "Plato's Stepchildren". The episode is popularly cited as the first example of an interracial kiss on scripted television in the United States.

After its cancellation, Star Trek unexpectedly engendered a cult following during the 1970s from syndicated reruns, and Captain Kirk became a cultural icon.[13] Shatner began appearing at Star Trek conventions organized by Trekkies. In the mid-1970s Paramount began pre-production for a revised Star Trek television series, tentatively titled Star Trek: Phase II. However, the phenomenal success of Star Wars led the studio to instead consider developing a Star Trek motion picture. Shatner and the other original Star Trek cast members returned to their roles when Paramount produced Star Trek: The Motion Picture, released in 1979. It re-established Shatner as an actor, and he played Kirk in the next six Star Trek films, ending with the character's death in 1994's Star Trek Generations. His final appearances in the role are in the movie sequences of the video game Starfleet Academy (1997), and briefly for a DirecTV advertisement using footage from Star Trek VI running from late summer 2006.

Although Trekkies had resurrected Star Trek after cancellation, in a 1986 Saturday Night Live sketch about a Star Trek convention, Shatner advised a room full of fans to "get a life." The much-discussed sketch accurately portrayed his feelings about Trekkies, which the actor had previously discussed in interviews. Shatner had been their unwilling subject of adoration for decades; as early as April 1968, a group attempted to rip his clothes off as the actor left 30 Rockefeller Plaza, and he stopped attending conventions for more than a decade during the 1970s and 1980s. Shatner also appeared in the film Free Enterprise in 1998, in which he played himself and tried to dispel the Kirk image of himself from the view of the film's two lead characters. He also has found an outlet in spoofing the cavalier, almost superhuman, persona of Captain Kirk in films such as Airplane II: The Sequel (1982) and National Lampoon's Loaded Weapon (1993).

Walter Koenig
Pavel Chekov
Star Trek

Walter Marvin Koenig (born September 14, 1936) is an American actor, writer, teacher and director, known for his roles as Pavel Chekov in Star Trek and Alfred Bester in Babylon 5. He wrote the script for the 2008 science fiction legal thriller InAlienable.

Star Trek

Koenig played Ensign Pavel Chekov, navigator on the USS Enterprise, in the original Star Trek television series (starting in Season 2) and in several movies featuring the original cast. One of only two actors to audition, he was cast as Chekov almost immediately primarily because of his resemblance to British actor/musician Davy Jones of the Monkees, to attract a younger audience. As the 30-year old's hair was already receding, costume designers fashioned a Davy Jones-style "moptop" hairpiece for him. In later episodes, his own hair grew out enough to accomplish the look with a comb-over. (The studio's publicity department, however, falsely ascribed the inclusion of Chekov to an article in Pravda that complained about the lack of Russians in Star Trek.) Gene Roddenberry asked him to "ham up" his Russian accent to add a note of comic relief to the series. Chekov's accent has been criticized as inauthentic, in particular Koenig's substituting the "w" sound in place of a "v" sound (e.g., "wodka" for "vodka"). Koenig has said the accent was inspired by his father, who had the same difficulty with the "v" sound.

Koenig as Pavel Chekov in Star Trek
Having been told that Chekov would be a recurring role based on his popularity, Koenig was pleasantly surprised when he immediately became a regular cast member, and most of his fan mail indeed came from children. When the early Season 2 episodes of Star Trek: The Original Series were shot, George Takei (who played Sulu) was delayed completing the movie The Green Berets, so Chekov is joined at the Enterprise helm by a different character. When Takei returned, the two had to share a dressing room and a single episode script. This reportedly angered Takei to the point where he nearly left the show. But the two actors have since become good friends, and the image of their two characters manning the helm of the Enterprise became iconic.

Koenig is also credited for writing the Star Trek: The Animated Series installment "The Infinite Vulcan", making him the first "original cast" member to write a Star Trek story for television. The character of Pavel Andreievich Chekov never appeared in the animated version of Star Trek due to budget reasons, so Koenig never got to reprise his character on the animated series. He received Saturn Award nominations for Best Supporting Actor in a Film for both Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan and Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home. Koenig reprised his role of Pavel Chekov for the fan webseries Star Trek: New Voyages, To Serve All My Days and the independent Sky Conway/Tim Russ film Star Trek: Of Gods and Men, both in 2006

Eddie Paskey
Lt. Leslie
Star Trek: TOS

Edward J. Paskey, better known as Eddie, (born August 20, 1939) is a U.S. actor primarily known for his role as "Lieutenant Leslie", a redshirt, on Star Trek. He appeared in 57 episodes.

Star Trek: The Original Series

Paskey first appeared on Star Trek as a "crewman" on the second pilot episode "Where No Man Has Gone Before," and was first identified by name in "Mudd's Women" in an early scene where Doctor McCoy refers to him as "Connors." In subsequent episodes, he was cast regularly as a crewman, but also appeared as a security officer, a helmsman, an engineer station officer, even an alien, all to create a sense of continuity on Star Trek during the series' run. Paskey had scripted lines in four episodes and was credited in two. His character, Mr. Leslie, appeared in more episodes than principal characters Sulu or Chekov. William Shatner gave the character the name "Leslie", after Shatner's eldest daughter. To pay homage to the character of Leslie, a fan based website created an 8" action figure in Paskey's likeness.

Paskey credits the longevity of his character to his sense of caution. Since he was on the set most of the time and knew the script well, he made sure that he was always elsewhere when an episode called for someone to die. When his character does die in the episode "Obsession," Paskey explains his mysterious return in the next episode by describing a lost scene, where Dr. McCoy administered a miracle potion that saves Leslie's life, that ended up on the cutting room floor. In some cuts of the episode, a scene showing him receiving treatment is shown at around 14 minutes into the show.

In "This Side of Paradise" his is the only character to mutiny openly against his superior, Captain Kirk, and even disobeys orders again in "And the Children Shall Lead," although under an alien influence. In "The City on the Edge of Forever," Paskey was the driver of the truck in the scene where character Edith Keeler (Joan Collins) is struck down and killed.

Paskey also appeared occasionally as a stand-in for Shatner in certain long scenes. He was the hand-double for James Doohan, who was missing a finger, in "Wolf in the Fold" and "That Which Survives." He appeared in most of the episodes from the first two seasons of the original series. A bad back and cluster headaches from an old injury, which worsened from the set lighting, led to his leaving the show in the third season. Paskey admitted in a July 1988 Starlog Magazine interview that once the pain had gone, he tried to return to acting but had lost many of his Hollywood contacts while working on Star Trek, and eventually retired from the profession.

Star Trek: Phase II
Paskey returned to Star Trek as “Admiral Leslie” in the Star Trek: Phase II fan series.

Jonathan Frakes
William Riker

Jonathan Scott Frakes (born August 19, 1952) is an American actor, author and director. Frakes is best known for his portrayal of Commander William T. Riker in the television series Star Trek: The Next Generation and subsequent films and as David Xanatos in the animated series Gargoyles. Frakes also narrated the television series Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction, challenging viewers to discern his alternating stories of fact-based phenomena, or fabricated tales. In June 2011, Frakes narrated the History Channel documentary, Lee and Grant.
Moving on to directing in recent years, Frakes directed and also starred in Star Trek: First Contact as well as Star Trek: Insurrection. He is also the author of a book called The Abductors: Conspiracy.

Frakes is one of only two Star Trek regulars to appear on four different Star Trek series (Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Star Trek: Voyager and Star Trek: Enterprise). (The only other regular to match or exceed that number is Majel Barrett-Roddenberry who appeared in all five television series.) He has also directed episodes in three of them (TNG, DS9 and VOY) and was a popular and innovative director on the Star Trek set, often finding completely new ways to shoot the show's familiar sets. His directing career has included the films Star Trek: First Contact and Star Trek: Insurrection. Additionally, Frakes was an executive producer for the WB series Roswell, directed several episodes and guest-starred in three episodes. His relationship with Star Trek is made light of in the episode "Secrets and Lies", in which the alien character Max auditions for a guest role as an alien for Star Trek: Enterprise.

Gates McFadden
Beverly Crusher
Star Trek: TNG

Cheryl Gates McFadden (born March 2, 1949) usually credited as Gates McFadden, is an American actress and choreographer. She is best known for portraying the character of Dr. Beverly Crusher in the Star Trek: The Next Generation (TNG) television series and subsequent films.

Star Trek: The Next Generation
In 1987, McFadden was cast as Dr. Beverly Crusher on Star Trek: The Next Generation. The Crusher character was slated to be Captain Jean-Luc Picard's love interest, and this aspect of the character is what attracted McFadden to the role. Another important aspect of the character was being a widow balancing motherhood and a career. In the second season McFadden was fired and replaced by actress Diana Muldaur as the Enterprise's Chief Medical Officer. Muldaur's character, Dr. Katherine Pulaski, didn't make it to the third season. Roddenberry described Muldaur as "a most talented actress", and said that the decision "to let her go was made solely because the hoped-for chemistry between her and the rest of the starship cast did not develop." McFadden was approached to return for the third season. At first she was hesitant, but after a phone call from co-star Patrick Stewart, McFadden was persuaded to reprise her role.[4] Highlights for her character included "The High Ground," where Dr. Crusher is kidnapped by terrorists; "Remember Me," in which she becomes trapped in an alternate reality where her loved ones start to disappear; "The Host," which features a romance between the Doctor and a man with a big secret; "Suspicions," in which Dr. Crusher risking her career to solve the murder of a scientist; "Sub Rosa," where Dr. Crusher becomes the next victim of her grandmother's seductive "ghost;" and "Attached," where Picard and Crusher become telepathically linked as prisoners and learn their true feeling for one another. McFadden reprised her role for all four TNG movies and also provided her voice for PC games Star Trek: A Final Unity and Star Trek Generations. McFadden also directed the TNG episode "Genesis" (her only directing credit to date) and choreographed the dance routine in "Data's Day".

Kai Owen
Rhys Williams

Kai Owen (4 September 1975, Llanrwst, Conwy, North Wales) is a Welsh actor of stage and screen, known to Welsh audiences for his numerous roles on Welsh-language television and to worldwide audiences for his portrayal of Rhys Williams in Torchwood.

2006 saw Owen cast as recurring character Rhys Williams in Torchwood, a spin-off from the science fiction television series Doctor Who, a role for which he has become most renowned.[11] He was elevated to star billing for the third series, broadcast on BBC One in Summer 2009, reflecting his growing role in the series.[12] A fourth series of Torchwood — Torchwood: Miracle Day — was commissioned in June 2010[13] with confirmed involvement of Owen.[1]

Matthew Bennett
Aaron Doral

Matthew Ray Bennett (born April 9, 1968) is a Canadian actor, writer and director. At the age of 20 he moved from his hometown of Toronto, Ontario to Vancouver, British Columbia to pursue an acting career. He studied theater school for two years and after that acted in TV series including The X-Files and The Commish and telefilms such as A Killer Among Friends, Anything for Love and Relentless: Mind of a Killer. He currently resides in Vancouver but works in Toronto as well.

Matthew is best known for his part as Detective Len Harper on the Canadian police drama Cold Squad for which he has been nominated for both a Gemini and Leo award. Next to that he played the lead role of Lieutenant James Calley on the Showtime series Total Recall 2070 and the 1998 telefilm by the same name. Next to that, he guest starred in many TV series like Stargate SG-1, The Peacemakers, Da Vinci's Inquest, Criminal Minds and At the Hotel. In recent years, Bennett has had a recurring guest role on the Sci Fi Channel television program Battlestar Galactica. Playing the character Aaron Doral, a Cylon, he first appeared in the 2003 mini-series and his final appearance was in the series finale in March 2009. However, Bennett also appearred in the prequel TV movie Battlestar Galactica: The Plan.

Bennett is married to actress Brittaney Bennett (formerly Brittaney Edgell), best known for her parts on series as Highlander, Forever Knight and Earth: Final Conflict. She also stars in her husband's writing and directing debut, the 2008 movie Kick Me Down.

Other Pictures
Mixture of images

Other Pictures
A selection of various pictures that did not fit in the other catagories.

Costume Competition

Costume Competition
This year, there was an interesting and varied selection of costumes and little shows. Some of them were quite involved and highly entertaining. In my opinion, they all deserved a prize.

Closing Ceremony
Time to say goodbye!

Closing Ceremony
The closing ceremony is always a good mixture of performances, but also goodbye's to the stars, but also our friends, many of whom we will not see again until the next FedCon.

TrekDinner and FedCon Helper Pictures

Every year, there are two group pictures made and I make my own versions of them. As these pictures are mainly of interest to those on them, I have put them on their own special page.

Click here to see the special page where you can view and download the group pictures I took at FedCon 2012.

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